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The FAQs of the South Carolina High School Football History Page

How did the site find all these scores?

Research......much of the work is time consuming, tedious work done in the back of libraries. I poured over reels and reels of microfilm looking for scores. I was lucky that the Greenville News published a matrix of score in the Tuesday paper all season from 1978 to 1992. I simply found the last week of the season and had the entire year in one page. Other season were researched week by week in spools of microfilm.

I see a mistake in a score or a coach, how do I get it corrected?

Simply drop us a note or make a post on the forums and we will make the changes. Give me a little while to process the changes and upload the new data.

I sent you an update last week and it still has not been changed, what gives??

It sometimes takes time. Usually I try and verify the information through my printouts and other information. Everyone remembers something from a game 20 years ago but even the best memories sometimes confuse the facts. Therefore I try and verify the new information with what I have printed from newspapers.

The database for the site is structured in such a manner that sometimes changing 1 date entry and require update to multiple tables and information. Therefore it might take a few weeks to publish the updates. I will make all corrections as soon as I verify and can publish the information.

The site is great but there are many errors that I see. How can I be sure that other data is correct?

Well, it just is correct. The site is by no means perfect but it gets better and better each year as more people help. Last year I verified over 50,000 scores form newspapers vs. what was in the database, I found less than 20 mistakes.

The main score data base holds 124,735 record and each record has 17 fields that comes to 2,120,495 single entry fields. That is just one of 13 databases that make up the site. If the site is 99.99% correct which is currently is, that would mean there is still 2,000 errors.

Also I can show you many cases where 3 different newspapers have 3 different scores for the same game.

We do the best with the information we have. As always if we are mistaken, we do not take it personally but welcome corrections to make the site better for everyone.

How do you deal with forfeits?

Forfeits are listed as a 1-0 score for the winning team. Normally cancelled games due to a school stopping football during the season are not counted. Results are reflected in the team and coaching records. Forfeits after the game are more difficult. I have a real problem showing a 14-0 Goose Creek team as 0-14 just because Chuck Ready is a class guy and gave a kid a chance. The fact that someone did follow up correctly on the paperwork for a 4th string safety to me is irrelevant and does not take away from a great Gator team. The same thing could be said of many other instance around the state.

I have wholeheartedly disagreed with the SCHSL on forfeits over paperwork eligibility rules. It is just plain stupid and shows a total lack of leadership and a set of balls to do the right thing......END Sermon.

Short story, the game on the field triumphs stupid bureaucrats every day and twice ON FRIDAY NIGHT.

 Which newspaper were used in the research?

 To date I have visited the following libraries Spartanburg, Greenville, Columbia, Aiken, Rock Hill, Walterboro, Sumter, Florence, Newberry, Charleston and Goose Creek. Scores come primarily from there sources.

Spartanburg Herald Journal

Greenville News

The State

The Columbia Record

The Greenville News and Record, The Rock Hill Herald, The Florence Morning News, the Aiken Standard, the Charleston Post and the Charleston Courier. The Sumter Item and the good ole Walterboro Daily Record.

How can I help?

If you have scores, coaches, corrections, new information, or anything that may be added to the site then please send them our way. The best way is to enter the information into the forums. You can also send information to me via email in any format (but I prefer Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)






Thanks to everyone who has helped in the past and I hope everyone has a great Friday Night Under The Lights.