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Welcome to the High School History Website

Image result for blog icon Please visit our blog for the latest information and articles covering South Carolina High School Football History
New information on the blog and how I am working on updating a few new items. (12/08/2018)

The SC Football History Blog

The purpose of the SC Football History is to highlight and document the history of High School Football in South Carolina. Over the past 18 years I have gathered a number of scores covering over 69 years of results from 1950 - 2018.

Our ultimate goal is to gather and document scores from every game ever played in South Carolina. The information gathered here is available to press and fans free of charge. All I ask is that you reference the site if you use information contained within. That will allow the site to grow, corrections to be made and make more people aware of the site.

2018 Season Schedules 2018 Standings

2018 Class 5A Schedule
2018 Class 4A Schedule
2018 Class 3A Schedule
2018 Class 2A Schedule
2018 Class 1A Schedule

2018      5A       SCHSL Standings
2018      4A       SCHSL Standings
2018      3A       SCHSL Standings
2018      2A      SCHSL Standings
2018     1A       SCHSL Standings
2018 SC Media Poll Playoff Brackets
The 2018 SC Media Weekly Poll

Class 5A Live Bracket and Scoreboard

Class 4A Live Bracket and Scoreboard

Class 3A Live Bracket and Scoreboard

Class 2A Live Bracket and Scoreboard

Class 1A Live Bracket and Scoreboard
All Tme Overall Records 1987- 2018 Standing

All Time Records

The Link above displays the all time record for scores that have been collected by this site.
The information is always a work in progress.

  Regional Chart All Teams - Past 30 Years

Realignments and ADM Other New Links
Image result for new png blue 2018 SCHSL Region Alignment

Click here for Realigments (1950 to 2018)

ADM Chart Alpha by School

South Carolina Out of State Records

Congratulations to the 2018 State Championships
Class 5A Champion

Class 4A Champion Class 3A Champion
  Class 2A Champion

Class A Champion