Fountain Inn High Opening in 2021

Greenville County Schools has announced that Fountain Inn High School will open for freshmen in August, 2021. Construction will begin in 2019 along Quillen Avenue. FIHS will be built for 1000 students and expanded to house 2000 students. The school will offer traditional high school offerings, advanced placement and college level courses.

Additionally it will house a wing for advanced manufacturing and engineering. Public input will be sought for attendance and zoning. Community meetings will be held approximately 18 months before opening.

A mascot and school colors are yet to be decided. Athletics will begin in the first year with some varsity sports and some “C” level and JV teams. GCS expects to have a full roster of varsity sports at FIHS by 2024.

The original Fountain Inn High School closed in the Mid 1950s. The school used the Blue Devils as a mascot. Could the new school honor the history and choose the BLue Devils as the new school when it opens in 2021


Author: Davepickren

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