SCAAA Changes Rules for Realignment

A different method will be used to figure out South Carolina High School League realignment for 2020-2022, and it could make schools wait a little longer for coming up with schedules for 2020.

Two amendments regarding realignment were passed Wednesday on the final day of the SC Athletic Administrators Association conference in Charleston.

Under one revised amendment the reclassification process will use the first 45-day enrollment numbers from each school the fall semester the academic year before realignment takes effect. The enrollment number also will be just for grades 9 through 11 instead of 9 through 12 used in past realignments. The realignment period remains every two years.

The new amendment means schools won’t be able to get started with their schedules, especially for football, until later. Region and class placements won’t be done until November or early December instead of this summer or early fall. Appeals will likely be heard in January, so it would be final around late January or February of 2020.  

In somewhat of a surprising move, it was approved that the S.C. High School League again will handle region and classification placement for the realignment. Some coaches and administrators didn’t like some of the way the 2018-20 realignment was handled and it led to a record number of appeals and an eventual lawsuit.

Five school districts — Spartanburg Districts 1, 2 and 4, Laurens District 56 and Greenwood District 50 — filed suit against the SCHSL and Union County Schools.


Author: Davepickren

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