Notes from the Data Base


Schools are listed in the database with no punction marks to prevent programming errors. There are no periods, hyphens or apostrophes in a School’s name to prevent any errors or runtime errors.

  • St. John’s Island is listed here as St Johns JI
  • Williston – Elko is Williston Elko, etc.
  • Blackville – Hilda is Blackville Hilda

There are also many schools that share the same name and could cause confusion. Some of these schools are still open while others have closed during the past few weeks.

  • Hillcrest of Simpsonville – Hillcrest
  • Hillcrest of Dalzell – Hillcrest D (closed)
  • Wade Hampton of Hampton – Hampton
  • Wade Hampton of Greenville – Wade Hampton
  • Southside of Greenville – Southside G
  • Southside of Florence – Southside F (closed)
  • St Johns of Darlington – St Johns D
  • St Johns of James Island – St Johns JI

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